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Painting, my life's dream

Christian Seebauer Christian Seebauer, born in 1967, says about himself: As a child it was always my dream to paint. With caricatures of my teachers I met with little enthusiasm, however, each talent was denied me.
Art study that does not work! So I took my trip to the 'Dipl.-Ing. University. of Electrical Engineering', with semesters in Italy.

Later I worked as director of a major German bank and finally I choosed the independence, which brought me to a better division of time to paint with it.

This has changed my life

Christian Seebauer auf dem Jakobsweg My two children, and the St. James ...

The paint box ... which I got from my wife for 35.sten birthday. (Previously I had annoyed them for 15 years so I would love to paint again.

The American painter and professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, Prof. Prof. Jerry Zeniuk (WIKIPEDIA) said in a personal meeting in 2009:

Wow - that's it, you must continue!

Malen mit Kindern in der Negev-Wüste

Malen mit Kindern in Israel
Hier male ich mit Kindern für einen guten Zweck. In der Negevwüste, im Kibbutz Neot Semadar. Der Erlös der Bilder geht zu 100% an die grüne Organisation JNF-KKL (gemeinnütziger Verein), die sich hier darum kümmert, dass ein kleines Schulgebäude entsteht.

Unterwegs mit dem ARD Team

Christian Seebauer im ARD Studio Nah Ost in Tel Aviv Christian Seebauer mit Markus Rosch vom ARD Studio Tel Aviv

v.L. Christian Seebauer im ARD Studio Tel Aviv mit Michael Shubitz, rechts mit ARD Korrespondent Markus Rosch in Israel

Am Israeltag in München, Odeonsplatz

. Christian Seebauer als Gastredner am Israeltag 2014 in München

Christian Seebauer mit als Gastredner am Israeltag 2014 in München mit JNF-KKL Reprsentantin Katja Tsafrir.

Israelitische Kultusgemeinde

Christian Seebauer mit Präsidentin Dr. Charlotte Knobloch in München

Christian Seebauer mit Präsidentin Dr. Charlotte Knobloch in München

Einmal quer durch Israel – Ohne Geld

Markus Rosch

Von , ARD Studio Tel Aviv, am 16.05.2014.



Talking is not my thing. There's only quarrel with those who know everything better. And I really do not want to define it. I prefer to paint the subjects that move me deeply inside. My motto: A picture is worth ...