The axis of evil

Night Vision-Iraq War: Heliattac oil painting

What we have actually experienced in recent years about this war? Were sent mainly sterile, censored pictures. But amid these green night-vision images is LIFE. There were people, civilians, families. With my oil paintings I want to paint a realistic picture and not worth it. I put quite a few colors with just one question: How was it the middle of it? And here we have a request: Comment out these pictures, you choose to link and support this site on Facebook and elsewhere, if you want. So you make your contribution, that these images are seen.

Painting: 1429
Date: 2011
Measure: 80 x 100 cm
Christian Seebauer - Germany
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PACE - PEACE oil painting

At the beginning of the Iraq War, Italy was a sea of flags. PACE hung on virtually every home and still sees you hang a flag or other out the window. Slightly yellowed, but still there. Here I am in Muslone on Lake Garda, overlooking the Monte Baldo.

Painting: 1424
Date: 2009
Measure: 40 x 30 cm
Christian Seebauer - Germany
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Collateral Murder oil painting

02:50 Oh Yeah! Torch all of them from 2:52
Come on!
02:57 More shooting shooting, more shooting
03:46 Yes, we have a guy rumkriechen
03:51 We shoot a bit further 04:31 Oh yeah, check out these bastards dead at 4:36
04:47 Geiler shot.
04:48 Yeah! Thank you. 07:36
they collect the wounded one?
07:41 Come on, let's shoot!
10:56 I think we have all folded.
10:58 That's right, good thing.
10:59 This is Hotel Two-Six talks.
13:06 Looks like a child. "Over"
13:23 See that big pile of corpses, right, on the corner?
13:24 Yeah, right here.
18:18 Bushmaster Bushmaster Six-Seven
18:29 I think they're just about a dead body down
18:31 Hey hey!
18:32 Yeah! Untitled

Calend... ...

Painting: 1540
Date: 2011
Measure: 80 x 60 cm
Christian Seebauer - Germany
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Night Vision-Iraq War oil painting | Christian Seebauer
Beitrag von: klaus, hamburg
echt krass, die kriegsbilder

Night Vision-Iraq War oil painting

The war with night vision goggles. I still have the green images of night vision devices (night vision) in the head, went in 2003 around the world were. To date, the Iraq war, about 15,000 precision bombs , 8,000 unguided ordnance and 800 cruise missiles at 30,000 operations used (source Wikipedia). The number of civilians killed, depending on the study 89000-194000. Everything precision? making night vision goggles, head-displays and drones killing easier? Can thus win liberate a people , Friends and reputation ? As an artist, I was bringing a concern, the horrors in the dim light of night vision devices on canvas. But I'm sure the idea does not suffice here.

Painting: 1437
Date: 2011
Measure: 80 x 80 cm
Christian Seebauer - Germany
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Back to us: Radioactive Ammunition oil painting

Everything comes back -.. And the radioactive waste is because uranium is one of the hardest substances in existence and so it makes sense to dispose of uranium is not easy, but as a shoot with inexpensive ammunition to the people a million times happen. and employ now? half-lives, the thousands of generations to come, our children's children. We do not? An optimal solution to the disposal. Everything comes back. To really move with my pictures and themes a bit, I need people who can move something in the world ! There, where it is seen, heard of this picture.

Painting: 1443
Date: 2010
Measure: 100 x 100 cm
Christian Seebauer - Germany
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